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Created 8-Mar-21

I've been fortunate enough to participate in two tanker flights, during successive Maple Flags. The two tanker missions I flew were onboard the CC-130H(T) Hercules, from 435 Squadron, located at 17 Wing Winnipeg. 435 Squadron is the only RCAF Hercules unit that flies the aircraft as a tanker, with five aircraft modified for the role.
The first flight was just under three hours and involved two separate refuelling evoutions. The second flight was just under two hours, where the Hercules offloaded some of its own fuel supply, instead of carrying a large tank in the back.
The other RCAF refuelling assett that has participated in Maple Flag is the CC-150 Polaris. Flown by 437 Squadron, based at 8 Wing Trenton, the Polaris fills the rol of a strategic tanker, able to support overseas deployment of RCAF Hornets.