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Once again, the Comox Valley heard the thunder of jet engines as the Canadian Armed Forces Snowbirds and CF-18 Demo Team, returned to complete spring workups for the 2017 airshow season.

Comox has been the spring home of the Snowbirds and CF-18 for many years. Offering different weather and conditions than home base, Comox offers both demo teams a final chance to polish their routines before hitting the road.

Weather was a factor in 2017, but not in the most positive way. Low cloud ceilings, rain and wind prevented the teams from getting their two practice flights a day in on some days, but when the weather was good, both teams took full advantage.

In addition, this year's workups had to be condensed as the Snowbirds are set to fly their first public show, on April 30th, in Gatineau, PQ.

Despite the shortened training schedule and weather, fans still made the trip to Airforce Beach and were treated to fantastic performances by both teams.

I would like to thank Snowbirds Public Affairs Officer, Lt(N) Michéle Tremblay, CF-18 Demo Team Public Affairs Officer, Lt Jennifer Halliwell, 19 Wing Comox and the entire Snowbirds and CF-18 Demo Teams for their hospitality and access while in Comox.
Best wishes to both teams this season. Be sure to check them out at an airshow near you!