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Created 14-Jun-19

The 2019 air show season, is now in full swing. 431 Air Demonstration Squadron, the Snowbirds, have been on the road, for nearly two months now. The team did a southern swing, through the US, before returning to Canada.

But, before that happened, the team travelled to 19 Wing Comox, to perfect their performance, during their spring deployment. Unfortunately, I was unable to travel to Comox, this year, however, I was able to see the team's departure, from their home base, at 15 Wing Moose Jaw.

In previous years, the weather played a huge factor, in training at Comox. This year, the team was treated to mostly sunny weather, allowing the team to get as many show practices in, as possible. At the end of their spring training, the team flew its Acceptance Show, and received authorization to perform, from the Commander of the RCAF.

The team returned home, to Moose Jaw, where they would perform for friends and family, as well as 15 Wing personnel. In recent years, the weather has been great for the home opener. This year, low cloud high winds and rain, forced the show to be cut short.

The 2019 show introduced a new maneuver, the Athena Split, paying tribute to Op Athena. As well, the solos perform a 270 degree tuck over roll, called the Yogi roll. This maneuver pays tribute to former Snowbird Team Lead, Yogi Huyghebaert, passed away in May of 2018. Also, an old solo maneuver was brought back; the opposing dirty roll. All-in-all, the show that the team has put together, is very entertaining.

I would like to extend my thanks and gratitude to Snowbirds Public Affairs Officer, Capt Jenn Casey, for granting me access to the team, during their departure to Comox and the home opener. Finally, thank you to Commanding Officer, LCol Mike French, and the entire team, for once again being so welcoming, during my visit.
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